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The Coolest Things to See on Your Drive to Johnson Canyon


The Coolest Things to See on Your Drive to Johnson Canyon

Situated in the heart of Southern Utah, Parry Lodge is the perfect place for adventurers to stay. Our lodge is located just half an hour from Zion National Park and about an hour from Lake Powell. It takes about an hour and a half to drive to Johnson Canyon, one of the most idyllic sights in the American West. With its cascading waterfalls and rock formations that appear to come from other worlds, there’s nothing else quite like this natural space. 

However, visitors are often most impressed by the drive to the canyon. Here are a few sights you may see along the way:

The Gunsmoke Film Set

The 1953 Western classic Gunsmoke was filmed in Utah, in a set that looks like an authentic frontier town. Unsuspecting travelers may think that they are driving by a ghost town that was left behind by frontiersmen of the past, but the reality is the abandoned wooden buildings are the set from this Hollywood film. The set itself is located on private land, so we don’t recommend that you try and explore it. However, you will likely be able to get a few good photographs from the road, where the set is plainly visible.

Cliffs of the Grand Staircase Next to Johnson Canyon

As Johnson Canyon Road winds toward the canyon, you will begin to see the colorful cliffs that define the Grand Staircase. The first cliffs that you will discover are the Vermillion Cliffs, which will likely take your breath away. Shortly after those cliffs, you will drive past the stunning White Cliffs, which tower above the roadway and seem to reach the heavens. After the White Cliffs, be on the lookout for the iconic Pink Cliffs. Don’t feel like you have to rush through this portion of the drive. Feel free to pull off the roadway and snap a few panoramic shots of the scenery.

A Southern Utah vacation often perfectly combines the popular culture of the American West with the unparalleled adventure that can be discovered in the unspoiled wilds of this region. On the drive to Johnson Canyon, you’ll experience it all. 

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