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Where to Find the Best Fishing in Southern Utah


Where to Find the Best Fishing in Southern Utah

Imagine yourself beneath the bright Utah sun, floating on a pristine lake and waiting for that glorious catch. It’s a peaceful day, there’s a slight breeze and all you have to do is enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. This could be your Southern Utah vacation. At Parry Lodge, many of our guests find that fishing is the perfect way to pass their days away in Kanab. We recommend these top fishing spots:

Navajo Lake

Located just about 60 miles north of Kanab, Navajo Lake is a hidden treasure when it comes to fishing. The cool, crisp waters of the lake lend itself to healthy fishing populations. Rainbow trout and brown-brook hybrid trout are the most common species in this lake, and some of these fish are 10 pounds or larger. There are picnic areas and boats available, which makes this a convenient destination for Kanab visitors.

Kolob Reservoir

The Kolob Reservoir is a popular fishing destination located not far from Zion National Park. Its proximity to Parry Lodge makes it a common choice among our guests here who love to fish. In the Kolob Reservoir, you will find brook trout, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout. There are fishing limits here — you can keep two trout over 18 inches long per day.

Mammoth Creek

Mammoth Creek is another great fishing spot that is near Zion National Park. At this quiet creek, you will have an opportunity to catch rainbow trout as well as brown and cutthroat trout. It’s important to note the private land nearby; you will want to make sure to stay in the designated public fishing area. Bring your own supplies for a day here.

Sport fishing is one of southern Utah’s best-kept secrets. When you visit one of these locales, you’ll often find that you are one of a few fishermen out trying to get a great catch. This increases your odds and also adds to the peaceful nature of the experience.

For more information on the best places to fish in Southern Utah, contact us at Parry Lodge today.